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Is Rice Processed Food? (Who Knew??)

Rice is the most commonly consumed staple food all over the world, but mainly in Africa and Asia. Rice just does not have one or two varieties but has 40,000 varieties (and possibly up to 82,700 varieties!).

Rice is like a blank canvas and can be eaten with any type of curry or made into different delicious food preparations. Rice has numerous benefits and is a very good source of protein and energy.  

Is Rice Processed Food?

White rice is processed food. The bran, germ, and husk are removed from it making it look white. As a result of being processed, it loses a lot of its nutrients but is still healthy too.  

White rice is processed and is removed from its protective coat and also the outer layer. It is also removed from its germ that has a lot of nutrients in it. White rice is also said to be empty carbs as it has lost a lot of its nutrients while it was being processed.

Generally, all types of white rice are polished. The polishing process is done to each kernel of rice until only the white portion of the rice remains. This white portion is what determines the starchiness of rice. However, white rice is said to have a higher level of glycemic index.  

This means the carbs present in white rice are quicker to raise blood sugar. White rice if consumed in higher quantities may not be very good and result in diabetes. Other than white rice even parboiled rice is processed. This rice is partially boiled when it is still inside the husk. After that it is polished.

This parboiled rice has reduced starchiness as it all gets washed away during the boiling process. However, parboiled rice has fewer calories, fewer carbohydrates but more protein and fiber.  

Brown rice on the other hand is not processed and it has the entire grain. It is highly rich in fiber and has a lot of nutrients present in it. It is unprocessed which means it is not stripped down of its nutritional benefits. It has higher levels of vitamins and minerals and is a good option for weight loss.  

Is Rice Highly Processed? 

It is true that white rice is highly processed. This is because it is removed from its most nutritional part that is the germ which is high in nutritional value. The part which is left is the endosperm. The germ is the nutritional core of rice that has numerous benefits.

However, this is only applicable to white rice and not any other type of rice. Only white rice is highly processed. 

Is Brown Rice Processed Food? 

Is Brown Rice Processed Food?
Is Brown Rice Processed Food?

Unlike white rice brown rice is not processed. Brown rice is less processed and remains a grain. The hull from brown rice gets removed but the germ which is the nutritional core and the bran stays intact and untouched. This is why it is more nutritional and has more vitamins and minerals compared to white rice.

Brown rice is very healthy and has a lot of nutritional value. Brown rice has just the hard protective cover removed which is the hull. Other than that the grain remains untouched.

Is all Rice Processed? 

Almost all rice is processed to remove the hard outer covering from the grain which is the hull. Other than that only white rice is highly processed. Other varieties of rice are not always processed. Long grain rice is more processed than short-grain rice or medium-grain rice.

The removal of the hull is the main processing of all kinds of rice. Other than that the bran and germ are kept intact depending upon the rice.  

Final Words 

White rice is indeed processed and has the bran, husk, and germ removed. However, not all rice is processed. Brown rice is not processed and has numerous health benefits. Even after being processed white rice does not lose all its benefits.

In fact, white rice also has its own benefits. Rice in general is extremely versatile and can be made into countless delicious dishes for your friends and family to enjoy.