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Is Coconut Water Acidic? (Good or Bad For Acid Reflux?)

Most of us have experienced acid reflux at least once in our lives. This uncomfortable burning sensation can affect anyone at any age, and when unaddressed, can cause serious health issues. As a result, people especially susceptible to experiencing the symptoms of acid reflux or even GERD should limit their consumption of foods high in acid.

So it’s important to know the acid content of some of the most popular food products. For example, is coconut water acidic?

Coconut water has alkalizing properties, helping your body combat acidity. It’s a very good drink for people experiencing heartburn and acid reflux as it soothes the inflammation and dilutes the stomach acid that refluxes back to your esophagus. Furthermore, it’s low in calories but rich in many nutrients, so it can help keep you healthy.

What is the pH level of coconut water?

The pH level of coconut water ranges between 4.7-5.7. It means that this drink isn’t acidic and can help combat the symptoms of GERD and acid reflux. Its alkalizing nature helps return your body to its natural state, reducing inflammation and protecting your gastrointestinal tract. Furthermore, coconut water is delicious, so it’s easy to add it to your diet.

Is coconut water bad for acid reflux?

Since coconut water has alkalizing properties, it can help return our body to a basic pH level from a too acidic one. As a result, you can drink coconut water when experiencing the symptoms of acid reflux and GERD and expect the symptoms to subside relatively quickly.

Coconut water is also low in calories, so if you’re on a weight loss diet, you can safely drink it without worrying about consuming too many calories.

On top of that, coconut water is low in fat. Fat slows down digestion, thus contributing to the accumulation of stomach acid. If the digestion process doesn’t start fast and acid accumulates, it might start leaking up your esophagus, causing these uncomfortable symptoms.

So it’s good to know that coconut water can not only soothe those symptoms but that it also won’t aggravate them.

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Is Coconut Water Acidic
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Is coconut water healthy?

Coconut water is rich in a wide variety of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. It’s also a low-calorie drink, containing only about 46 calories per one cup. In addition, it’s a delicious form of hydration since coconut water tastes slightly sweet, with nutty undertones.

As a result, it might be more appealing for people who struggle with drinking enough water due to the lack of taste. The best hydration comes from fresh coconuts, so simply store the coconut in the fridge for whenever you need it. Then, stick a straw in the soft side of it and start drinking.

In addition, a glass of coconut water provides you with 17% of your daily recommended need for both potassium and manganese. Potassium helps regulate fluid and electrolyte levels, muscle contractions, and nerve signals. It also helps combat the negative effects of a high-sodium diet, which many people these days consume.

On the other hand, manganese is a mineral that helps your body create connective tissues, bones, blood clotting factors, and sex hormones. It’s a trace mineral, so just a glass of coconut water can be enough.

Coconut water is also rich in antioxidants that help get rid of free radicals. Those substances are a bi-product of your metabolic processes and contribute to damaging your cells and causing various age-related diseases.

Coconut water has been proven to help flush free radicals out of your body, helping you stay healthy and clear from many illnesses. On top of that, the same free radicals can help lower your blood pressure.

Another study has also shown that drinking coconut water can help reduce the risk of diabetes and improve health in diabetic patients. By lowering your blood sugar levels and preventing spikes in glucose and insulin production, coconut water can greatly contribute to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Since it’s low in sugar (most of its carbohydrate content comes from fiber), it also doesn’t cause excessive weight gain.

Is coconut milk better for acid reflux than coconut water?

Coconut milk is a dairy- and lactose-free alternative to cow’s milk. If you already suffer from acid reflux and you consume lactose when you’re intolerant, you will exacerbate the symptoms and cause yourself more pain. As a result, drinking coconut milk (or other plant-based alternatives) is a better idea than old-fashioned dairy milk.

Furthermore, coconut milk is lower in calories and fat than other types of milk, making it a better substitute for milk in your coffee or cereal.

Consuming too many calories can cause weight gain, whereas a diet rich in fat can slow down digestion, causing an even higher production of acid in your stomach. Hence, opting for coconut milk might be a better choice.

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Is eating coconut bad for acid reflux?

Eating coconut and drinking coconut milk and water is helpful for the symptoms of acid reflux and GERD. In addition, coconut has been proven to contain many anti-infective and anti-septic properties, helping to soothe your stomach and dilute the stomach acid.

All of these benefits help fight those uncomfortable feelings of heartburn and an acidic taste in your mouth easily.

It’s important to choose unsweetened versions when including coconut and food products made from it into your diet. This is because sugar slows down digestion and requires more acid to fully break it down. As a result, sweetened coconut products can make your symptoms even worse.

Nevertheless, some people can tolerate sweetened products in small quantities, so always make sure to check in with yourself and your body.

Coconut water is an alkalizing drink that can help you fight off the unpleasant symptoms of acid reflux and GERD. In addition, due to its high nutrient content and low-fat profile, it’s perfect for people struggling with many other stomach problems.

It’s also a perfect addition to any weight loss diet as well as keto and low-fat diets. All in all, coconut water is a wonderful drink that brings many health benefits.

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