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Is Chicken High In Potassium?

If you suffer from potassium sensitivity, you definitely know how hard it might be to find foods that don’t contain high amounts of this mineral. To do that, you have to be aware of the potassium content of common as well as your favorite foods.

That way, you can adjust your diet accordingly and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. So, for instance, is chicken high in potassium?

Is Chicken High In Potassium?

Chicken contains a moderate amount of potassium. It means it can be consumed on a low-potassium diet unless you’re particularly sensitive to this mineral. In that case, you might want to consume it less frequently or choose smaller portions.

Whatever the case, the chicken comes with many health benefits and is a source of lean protein, so it’s important to include it in your diet.

How much potassium does chicken contain?

A serving of one skinless cooked chicken breast contains around 356 mg of potassium. Even though it’s not a very low potassium food, it’s one of the best meats to consume on a low-potassium diet.

It’s also loaded with nutrients and minerals that help you stay healthy, which outweighs the potassium levels. Furthermore, oven-roasted chicken breast is lower in potassium.

As a result, you may choose this part of the chicken if you consume more without increasing the potassium content.

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Is chicken healthy?

Chicken is one of the healthiest lean protein sources. Containing around 280 calories in one oven-roasted chicken breast, most of these calories come from protein. This nutrient is essential to good muscle health and the feeling of fullness after a meal.

Protein is also an essential energy source, helping you stay energized throughout the day without feeling lethargic.

This lean source of protein doesn’t contain any carbs. So, as long as you don’t deep fry it or add any unhealthy ingredients, it won’t slow down your digestion and cause stomach issues.

Additionally, the protein in chicken helps speed up your metabolism, preventing indigestion and feeling tired after eating. As opposed to other, fattier meats, chicken also helps you lose weight when consumed in moderation.

Chicken also contains 36% of your daily need for selenium. This trace mineral is essential for immune function, thyroid health, and fertility. Additionally, selenium is a powerful antioxidant that can help prevent certain types of cancer and cell degradation caused by age.

Is Chicken High In Potassium? Pin it!
Is Chicken High In Potassium? Pin it!

Hence, loading up on foods containing this mineral is a great idea to stay healthy in the long run.

Moreover, chicken is a great source of vitamin B6 that helps prevent the symptoms of depression. It can also improve your mood and lower your stress levels.

This micronutrient can also ease the symptoms of PMS and nausea, and morning sickness during pregnancy. Hence, it’s recommended that pregnant women include chicken as a source of lean protein in their diet.

The healthiest and least fatty part of chicken is the breast. It contains soft meat that can be prepared in various ways, such as steaming, grilled, broiled, or oven-roasted.

That way, you won’t douce the chicken in oil, adding many calories that don’t provide any nutrition. If you’re cooking the whole chicken, it’s best to oven-roast it as it brings out all the flavor and nutrients without burning it.

Is chicken soup high in potassium?

Commercially produced chicken soup and stock are higher in potassium than chicken breast. They are not high enough to completely avoid a low-potassium diet, but their consumption should be limited.

What’s more, these types of store-bought soups are loaded with additives and sodium, which can increase your blood pressure as well as the risk of a heart attack and stroke. Hence, if you enjoy chicken soup, your best choice is to make it on your own at home.

That way, your ingredients will be fresh and clean without any unnecessary additives.

Moreover, homemade chicken soup is very healthy. As long as you make it with fresh vegetables, you’re increasing the number of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that you’re going to consume.

It also ensures good hydration and may help strengthen your immune system while balancing your electrolyte levels. As a result, having some chicken soup every once in a while is a great way to stay healthy.

On the other hand, store-bought chicken stock is a better alternative to beef stock if you like cooking soups or sauces. This is because it’s way lower in potassium, which can help you lower your mineral intake.

Even though it doesn’t contain that much potassium, it’s still rich in many nutrients and minerals as well as antioxidants; thus, you’re not losing any health benefits.

Can you take in too much potassium from chicken?

Chicken doesn’t contain too much potassium, so it’s very unlikely to take in too much of this mineral unless you’d consume chicken every day for every meal. Therefore, this type of lean protein is a great choice for people with potassium sensitivity.

Furthermore, potassium is still an essential mineral that contributes to many metabolic processes and, along with sodium, maintains an electrolyte balance in your body. Hence, you should not eliminate potassium from your diet entirely. Instead, you should control the intake carefully.

If you want to avoid consuming too much potassium, make sure to prepare chicken in a healthy way. For instance, oven-roasting is better than frying since oil adds unnecessary substances that can prevent your body from flushing out excess potassium, leading to health problems caused by an increased intake of this mineral.

This is particularly dangerous for people with potassium sensitivity as others won’t have that problem as long as they follow a balanced diet.

Chicken contains a good amount of potassium, but it can still be safely consumed on a low-potassium diet without worry. In fact, it’s one of the meats that’s the lowest in potassium, so it’s a safe addition to any diet. It also contains a lot of lean protein, helping your muscles stay healthy and filling you during the meal.

Plus, the minerals and nutrients that chicken provides are essential for good health, making it a perfect choice as your daily protein.

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