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Is Bone Broth Bad For Acid Reflux?

Dealing with acid reflux and GERD can be very hard, especially when you’re just starting to figure out what foods are safe to consume. In order to reduce the frequency and severity of these symptoms, it’s important to consume a low-acid diet rich in many nutritious foods.

As a result, you have to know the approximate pH levels of common foods and their effect on your body. Let’s take bone broth as an example: Is it acidic? Should it be avoided on a low-acid diet?

Is Bone Broth Bad For Acid Reflux?

Bone broth isn’t bad for acid reflux. While animal products are acidic and acid-forming, bone broth  especially chicken bone broth  is rich in many alkaline-forming minerals. As a result, it can help you stay healthy due to its nutritious profile and contribute to maintaining a balanced pH level in your body.

Furthermore, bone broth with added vegetables can help boost your immune system, warding off many infections. So, it’s a great addition to any diet.

What is the pH level of bone broth?

Bone broth isn’t too acidic, and it has a pH of around 5.80. This means that it can be safely incorporated into a low-acid diet without worsening any acid reflux or GERD symptoms. It’s also rich in minerals and vitamins that help you stay healthy and balance your electrolyte levels.

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Furthermore, bone breath can boost your immune system and is particularly good for fighting the symptoms of a common cold. It also has alkalizing properties, which means that it won’t acidify your body.

On the other hand, if you consume store-bought bone broth, you might not get as many nutrients as you would if you make it yourself. Preparing bone broth is very easy since all you have to do is put animal bones — chicken, for example — in a big pot filled with water, boil it, and let it simmer.

Is Bone Broth Bad For Acid Reflux? Pin it!
Is Bone Broth Bad For Acid Reflux? Pin it!

You can also add vegetables, which will increase the mineral and vitamin content. On the other hand, if you buy ready bone broth, you must remember that it’s loaded with sodium, which is unhealthy and should be limited.

Is bone broth healthy?

Bone broth is incredibly nutritious while still being low in calories. In fact, a single cup of bone broth contains around 100 calories or less, depending on other ingredients you add, such as veggies and herbs.

All of these products contribute to increasing the number of nutrients your body will absorb. As a result, adding vitamin-rich veggies to your bone broth can help you get even more out of this delicious soup.

Animal bones, especially chicken or turkey, are rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, and other trace minerals. These minerals strengthen your bones since they are the build blocks of our own bones and connective tissues. On the other hand, if you choose to make bone broth from fish bones, you can increase your intake of iodine which is another essential compound that many people don’t get enough of.

Bone marrow also contains collagen and vitamin A that help form and repair tissues and cells in your body. Once digested, these substances aid in forming essential amino acids that your body would normally not get.

While the bones and other ingredients simmer, they release all of these nutrients into the water, making it even easier for your body to absorb them.

The animal-based compounds in bone broth can protect your joints and prevent many severe conditions. Similarly, bone breath contains substances that make up your cartilages, protecting them from damage and inflammation. This can decrease joint pain as well as the frequency of arthritis flare-ups and other bone- and joint-related issues.

Drinking bone broth can also heal and protect your digestive tract, which can be beneficial for people struggling with acid reflux or GERD. The nutrients, especially gelatin, that are released when cooking bone broth help fight inflammation in your digestive tract and protect your stomach linings from damage and free radicals.

Furthermore, gelatin helps with nutrient absorption, and some studies even show that it might help people stay hydrated for longer as it binds to water.

Is bone broth bad for acid reflux?

Bone breath doesn’t have a high pH level, but it’s also not very acidic for your body. This means that it can be safely added to a low-acid diet without worsening any acid reflux or GERD symptoms.

Furthermore, it contains many essential minerals while helping you stay hydrated. This is because the water in bone broth helps maintain a proper electrolyte balance, contributing to mineral absorption.

Furthermore, consuming a low-acid, alkaline diet is good for acid reflux and other health reasons. In addition, the alkalizing minerals in bone broth contribute to good digestive health, and they also prevent the development of many illnesses, including heart issues and certain types of cancer. As a result, including bone broth in your diet can help you stay healthy and hydrated.

Is vegetable broth better for acid reflux than bone broth?

The vegetable broth has a slightly lower pH level than bone broth, approximating at 5.00. Since the difference is so small, it doesn’t make vegetable or bone broth better or worse for the symptoms of acid reflux. As a result, if you enjoy bone broth and vegetable soup, you can safely incorporate them into your food plan without worrying about worsening your symptoms.

In addition, vegetable broth is very healthy since it provides you with many minerals, nutrients, and vitamins from all the vegetables that you choose to cook your soup with. It’s also still low in calories so that it won’t cause weight gain, and, in fact, it can contribute to healthy weight loss.

As always, most soups are incredibly healthy and nutritious as long as you don’t add too many additives, such as creams, that increase the caloric content.

Bone broth is incredibly healthy and loaded with nutrients. It contributes to staying healthy as well as boosting your immune system without acidifying your body. Bone broth is on the lower end of the pH levels scale, but the minerals it contains give it alkalizing properties that can help you eat healthy even if consuming a low-acid diet.

All of these benefits make it a wonderful addition to any balanced diet.

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