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Is Beet Juice Acidic? (How healthy is it really?)

Some of the new health fads include drinking celery juice and other freshly squeezed veggie juice. A number of studies suggest how these beverages can improve your health and increase your veggie intake. Many of us consume sodas and other juices that are highly acidic.

They taste great but aren’t great for anyone who suffers from acid reflux disease. One of the popular veggie juices right now is beet juice. How healthy is beet juice for you, and is it acidic?

Is Beet Juice Acidic?

Beets themselves are classified as acidic based on the pH scale. Their pH is anywhere from 5.3 to 6.6. So, if you were to juice these vegetables, they would still be acidic. This veggie is rather close to the neutral rating because the pH rating is between 5.3 and 6.6.

Therefore, while beet juice is acidic, it’s much less harmful to your stomach than eating lemons or limes.

How Healthy is Beet Juice?

Even though beet juice is acidic, it’s still very good for you. There are several health benefits of drinking beet juice regularly.

One benefit of incorporating beet juice into your diet is that it can help lower your blood pressure.

One study showed that adults who drank about eight ounces of beet juice a day saw their blood pressure lower.

beet juice
Is beet juice acidic?

Are you an athlete or regularly train in the gym? Beet juice may be able to help your physical performance.

A study conducted in 2012 showed that those who drank beet juice saw an increase in their plasma nitrate levels which is attributed to boosting physical performance.

We know that there’s currently no cure for dementia, but beet juice may be able to slow the progression of the disease.

A study was conducted with dementia patients who drank beet juice daily. The patients’ MRIs showed that blood flow had increased to the frontal lobes.

An increase in blood flow to this part of the brain could mean we can slow the progression of this disease by drinking beet juice.

If you’re looking for tips for weight loss, drinking beet juice is a great addition to your lifestyle. This juice has almost zero fat and is very low in calories.

It’s great to incorporate into smoothies because of all the vitamins and minerals, but you don’t have to worry about consuming an excessive amount of calories.

Another excellent benefit of beet juice is that it has antioxidants that can improve your liver health. Your liver can become overloaded if you have a poor diet, drink alcohol excessively, or live a sedentary lifestyle.

Can I Drink Beet Juice if I Have Acid Reflux
Can I Drink Beet Juice if I Have Acid Reflux

Drinking beet juice has betaine which can help reduce the number of fatty deposits on your liver. This antioxidant can even help protect your liver from toxins.

Can I Drink Beet Juice if I Have Acid Reflux Disease?

Even though beets have an acidic pH, they’re alkaline-forming once they’re in your body. So the answer is that, yes, you can drink beet juice if you experience acid reflux or heartburn.

This veggie is high in fiber, making it a great veggie to juice and drink if you have acid reflux disease. You know your body better than anyone, though, so if you start to feel symptoms, stop drinking the juice.

Beet Juice May Turn Your Urine A Different Color

If you drink enough beet juice and head to the bathroom to do your business, you may notice your urine or stool isn’t its normal color.

This can be super alarming if you’re not expecting it. Sometimes your urine and stool maybe a pink or red color after drinking beet juice because of a condition known as Beeturia. But don’t worry! This is completely harmless.

Beeturia is caused by a compound found in beets known as betanin. This compound is why beets have that reddish-pink color.

Some people will experience red or pink urine or stool because their bodies have trouble breaking down the pigment when ingested.

Others have no issue breaking down the pigment. These people may not experience discolored urine or stool.

If you experience discoloration after drinking beet juice, it could be an indication that you have an iron deficiency.

There’s a study that concluded that Beeturia occurs in around 80% of people with an untreated iron deficiency.

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Is Beet Juice Acidic?
Is Beet Juice Acidic?