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How To Reduce The Acidity In Juices (Quickly Explained)

Juices, especially the ones made with fresh veggies and fruits, are healthy, nutritious, and packed with many beneficial plant compounds. They’re very popular and varied, so there’s something for everyone regardless of your diet or taste buds.

But, as you may know, most juices are rather acidic, which can be problematic for people with acid reflux or GERD. Because of that, it might be useful to learn some ways of lowering the acidity of your favorite juices. So, how can you do that?

How to reduce the acidity in juices?

Adding certain ingredients or diluting your drinks are just two of the best ways to decrease how many acidic foods you consume, especially if you’re suffering from acid reflux or GERD. This is beneficial not only for decreasing your acid reflux symptoms but also to ensure that you’re taking in enough vitamins and minerals that help you stay healthy.

But generally, the best option is to simply buy fewer acidic juices. If you want to consume the juices you normally do, there are some ways to still do that by making your juices slightly less acidic.

How can you reduce the acidity in juices?

If you’ve already purchased a certain type of juice, which you know is acidic, the best way to make it easier for your digestive system is to dilute it. You can do so by adding some tap or mineral water or even alkaline water to ensure that your drink doesn’t worsen your acid reflux or GERD symptoms.

Adding water or other alkalizing liquids to your juice will change the taste slightly and make it less flavorful, but you shouldn’t suffer any unpleasant symptoms afterward.

Another way to lower the acidity of your juices is by adding baking soda. It helps neutralize the acids in your juice, but it also slightly alters the taste, which can be a problem for some people. Baking soda will not add any additional calories or nutrients, so it’s essentially just a powdered neutralizer.

What’s more, there are other ingredients similar to baking soda that might not have as much effect on the flavor, depending on the kind of juice you have.

It’s also important to remember that the sweeter the juice is, the worse it will be for your acid reflux and GERD symptoms. This is because sugar is hard to digest and requires more gastric acid to be broken down. Because of that, diluting particularly sugary drinks might not be enough for such juices.

Don’t know what to drink? We made a list of more than 20 most and least acidic juices and 20+ alcoholic drinks ranked by acidity levels.

To combat that, it’s a good idea to consume the whole fruit instead of juicing it as that way, you’ll also be taking in lots of fiber that soaks up excess stomach acid.

You can also choose to buy low-acid juices. Some of the best choices include juices made from carrots, aloe vera, cabbage, beet, watermelon, spinach, and pear, among others. What’s more, drinking tomato juice or adding some lemon juice to your smoothies can help you fight off acidity since these two juices are alkaline-forming.

When doing that, though, it’s important to remember that even though a certain juice is alkaline-forming, it might still irritate your esophagus due to its sour and bitter taste. So, make sure to drink these in moderation.

If you absolutely can’t let go of your favorite juices that happen to be acidic, you can also consume them in smaller quantities.

This will decrease how much effect they will have on your acid reflux or GERD symptoms. It might not be a good choice for everyone since if your symptoms are particularly bad, it’s important to steer clear of most triggering foods and drinks. So, make sure to always listen to your body.

What are the best low-acid juices?

Lemon and lime juices have alkaline-forming properties, so they make for the best juice choices for people following a low-acid diet. They’re also very nutritious and high in various vitamins and minerals that help you stay healthy and maintain a well-balanced diet.

On the other hand, these two juices are very sour and bitter, so they can irritate your esophagus if you consume them in large quantities. So, while most people don’t drink lemon and lime juices by the glass, it’s something worth keeping in mind, especially if your acid reflux symptoms are easily triggered.

Generally, the best low-acid juices for people suffering from heartburn and other symptoms are made with fresh veggies and fruits. If you make juices yourself, you ensure that there are no toxic or harmful additives, and you also won’t have to add any acidic ingredients to make sure that your juice won’t spoil.

This also helps you take in more vitamins and minerals than you would have if you were to consume store-bought juices. 

In addition, many brands these days offer low-acid versions of the most popular juices, such as orange, apple, or peach. These are usually made with a certain alkalizing agent that increases the pH level of the juice and makes it easier for your digestive system.

While such juice might be more expensive, it can be a good idea to try them out and see if they work for you and don’t worsen your acid reflux or GERD symptoms.

It might also be a good idea to switch to vegetable juices if your acid reflux and GERD symptoms are particularly uncomfortable. These juices tend to have more alkaline-forming properties and be less acidic.

Because of that, they can not only prevent acid reflux symptoms but also provide you with an abundance of nutrients that can help protect your digestive system from inflammation and irritation.

Even though most juices are acidic and may worsen your acid reflux and GERD symptoms, there are various ways to lower their acidity and make them easier for your digestive system. From adding alkalizing ingredients to diluting your juices, there’s a lot you can do to avoid severe flareups of unpleasant symptoms.

So, you don’t have to ditch your favorite drinks altogether – you just have to adjust them a little. At the end of the day, juices are rich in nutrients that help you stay healthy, so they should be a part of any healthy, balanced diet.

Don’t know what to drink? We made a list of more than 20 most and least acidic juices and 20+ alcoholic drinks ranked by acidity levels.