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Fettuccine vs Tagliatelle (What’s the difference?)

Fettuccine and Tagliatelle look identical to each other but are not the same. They are 2 long thick-cut forms of pasta.

Several people are unable to differentiate them and understand what the difference between them is. They are similarly used for cooking and can be cooked with seasonings and sauces.  

Fettuccine vs Tagliatelle 

Tagliatelle and Fettuccine are identical but vary in width, shade, and thickness. Tagliatelle is thinner, while Fettuccine is thicker. Both can be a substitute in place of others. Both are thick long flat pasta forms referred to as Tagliatelle in Marche and Romagna area while Fettuccine in the Tuscan and Rome area. 

Though Fettuccine and Tagliatelle look almost identical, there are some differences between the two. 

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Let’s take a look at some of the primary differences between the two: 

  • They are called Fetuuccine or tagliatelle based on the region of Italy. 
  • In Southern Italy and Rome, this thick-cut pasta is referred to as Fettuccine. While in the northern area of Italy, this pasta form is referred to as Tagliatelle. 
  • Fettucine comes in about 1/4 inches wide, while Tagliatelle is around 3/8 inches wide. 
  • Fettuccine is white pasta made without any egg, while Tagliatelle is made with egg. 
Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta
Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta
  • Tagliatelle is typical of Romagna, Marche, and lower Lombardy, while Fettuccine is typical of further south and Rome. 
  • Tagliatelle is usually served with a wild ragu with no or little tomato, while Fettuccine is generally served with mushrooms or meat with veggie sauces. 
  • Both Fettuccine and Tagliatelle are flat long pasta though they vary in their width. Tagliatelle is not over 10mms, while Fettuccine is not over 8 mm in their width. 
Tagliatelle Pasta
Tagliatelle Pasta
  • Fettuccine is a little thicker in the shade as compared to Tagliatelle.  
  • Fettuccine is somewhat thicker as compared to tagliatelle which is thinner. 
  • Fettucine is made fresh and available in dried form while Tagliatelle is usually handmade fresh to cook it. 

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Some of the similarities are: 

  • Both are long thick-cut pasta. 
  • Both can be substituted in place of one another.  
  • Tagliatelle and Fettuccine are hand-made fresh and then cooked; Fettuccine is currently available in dried forms. 
  • Tagliatelle is flat, long ribbons that are identical to Fettuccine with variations in width.  

What is Tagliatelle? 

Tagliatelle is of northern Italian origin. Tagliatelle is longer and thinner made with wheat flour-regular kind with eggs. They are employed in delicate and milder recipes. They are generally served with meat sauce.

The dough is rolled using a rolling pin. After rolling, you should cut the dough strips.

The noodles’ width is around 6mm to 9mm. They look like flat shoelaces. It is generally cooked with Bolognese sauce or other sauces. It has another long, cylindrical version called Tagliolini.  

Fettuccine vs tagliatelle pasta
Fettuccine vs tagliatelle pasta

How is Tagliatelle made? 

Place around 180 g of flour on a wooden board. Keep about 20 g into a smaller bowl aside. Make a volcano with a hole in the center.

Crack and pour your eggs into the center. Beat the eggs lightly and mix in the flour mix. Don’t break the wall soon. If the dough is very moist, add 20g into the flour.

Bring the blend together with hands and spatula to make dough. Work the dough for 10 minutes to 15 minutes with the heel of the hand till the mixture is elastic and smooth.

Wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Dust the board and flatten it with a rolling pin after 30 minutes. Roll and cut thin pasta sheets lower than 1mm thick. Divide into 4 prior rollings if you are carrying a pasta machine.

Roll the sheets and cut into 3/4 cm large strips. Dust them and cook them in salted water. You can freeze this pasta for around a month. 

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What is Fettuccine? 

Fettuccine has a width between tagliatelle and tagoline. They are popular in central Italy like Tuscany, Umbria, and Lazio.

The width is around 3mm to 5 mm. Fettuccine is 2 times the tagliatelle width. Fettuccine is a popular Tuscan and Roman cuisine.

They have a long and flat shape. It is made with flour and water to extend its shelf-life. It is used with various types of herbs to enhance its flavor. It is served either with alfredo and ragu sauce. 

How is Fettuccine pasta made? 

The preparation is the same as Tagliatelle, but you can replace eggs with water. The width of the strips should be 1/4 inch wide. The rest of the preparation process remains the same.