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Cooking Tips to Help Reduce Acid Reflux

You may love foods prepared a certain way, but they don’t feel the same way about you. That is why so many people end up struggling with acid reflux.

Some cooking tips can help you to reduce or eliminate struggles with it, though. You don’t have to sacrifice good-tasting food, though, to feel better after consuming it.

While plenty of fresh fruits are good for you, some of them contain more acid than others.

Grapefruit, lemons, and oranges are the top ones, so be careful when you use them for cooking. Lemon juice is common when a person is cooking fish.

Various side dishes contain these other citrus fruits, so be careful about how much of them you use as well.

How can lemon cause heartburn?

Most people don’t realize that tomatoes contain a large amount of acid as well.

Therefore you want to keep your salads full of leafy greens and reduce the number of tomatoes in them. You also want to pay attention to how much of them you use as a garnish.

You may not realize how many products tomatoes are in either. They are found in sauces and ketchup, to name a few.

The leading trigger of food-related acid reflux is due to spices. Many people love spicy foods, but you will need to cut back on them.

The chili powders and peppers you use for cooking may be what is triggering the acid reflux. Explore alternative recipes that don’t use as many of these ingredients.

Red Bell Pepper

Lean meats will help you to cut down on incidents of acid reflux too. Replace deep-fried foods with those that are grilled as well.

Leaner cuts of meat are more expensive, but they will certainly taste better. They will also be better for your body and reduce the number of problems with acid reflux.

Dessert is something many people look forward to after meals. Yet, they too can trigger acid reflux. Do your best to limit the amount of chocolate that you use for dessert.

This is a common source of acid reflux which is sad because many people love to consume it. Cooking with wine and other forms of alcohol can also be responsible for acid reflux.

Make sure you limit cooking with such items because they can result in symptoms developing as well.

Pay attention to your servings of foods too. It can be easy to overeat when you pile it on. Use a certain size of the plate and limit your portions of foods to one serving per meal. You may find you have to eat more times a day this way but doing so is better for your digestive system than consuming too much food at one time.

Pay attention to your servings
Pay attention to your servings

You will feel fuller faster if you take the time to really taste and chew your food. Drink plenty during the meal and set your utensils down after each bite.

That way, you can notice signals that you are getting full. At that point, you want to remove your plate from in front of you. Otherwise, you may continue to pick at it simply because it is there.

You will have to experiment with various recipes to reduce problems with acid reflux due to the foods you consume.

It is important to remember that what you drink is just as important. Consume plenty of water as well as iced tea so that you avoid sugary drinks and alcohol.

Pay attention to what you have eaten before you suffer from bouts of acid reflux as well.

By documenting those meals along with how severe the acid reflux symptoms were, you can start to make connections. This will allow you to remove such foods from your diet successfully.

You may not need to do so forever, but at least for right now, so you can effectively find the links.

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