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Is Coconut Water Fattening? (What a Surprise!)

Coconut is a very popular beverage, especially in the day and age of diets and healthy lifestyles. 

It’s rich in electrolytes, helps you stay hydrated, and contains a good dose of essential minerals as well as vitamins. 

But since it’s made with coconuts that are known to be rather caloric, is coconut water fattening? Will drinking a lot of it lead to weight gain?

Coconut water isn’t very caloric, so it shouldn’t cause weight gain as long as you drink it in moderation. Unlike water, it does contain some calories, but it’s a less caloric and much healthier alternative to some other electrolyte beverages and sports drinks. 

What’s more, adding some coconut water to your diet can help you reap some wonderful health benefits aside from hydration.

How many calories are in a single serving of coconut water?

On cup of freshly made coconut water contains around 46 calories. Most of these calories come from carbohydrates and the rest from fat and protein. 

Considering how many health benefits drinking coconut water brings you, a single glass isn’t too caloric. 

As a result, you should be perfectly OK drinking coconut water from time to time without worrying about any side effects on your weight.

In addition, coconut water is 94% water, fat-free, and cholesterol-free. This means that it doesn’t increase your risk of diabetes and won’t lead to plaque formation in your blood vessels. 

These conditions raise your risk of obesity and weight gain, so it’s beneficial to know that drinking coconut water won’t increase your likelihood of developing them.

What are the health benefits of coconut water?

Aside from being incredibly hydrating, coconut water is rich in several minerals, especially potassium. 

This mineral helps flush out extra sodium from your body through urine. High sodium levels in your body are bad for your cardiovascular system and may increase your risk of high blood pressure and strokes. 

So, drinking beverages rich in potassium can be beneficial in lowering your blood pressure and preventing strokes. 

Unlike most fruit juices, coconut water is relatively low in calories and sugars, making it a great addition to a healthy, balanced diet. 

Juices from oranges or apples are high in sugar and often contain added sugars as well. 

So, switching to coconut water, especially if it’s hard for you to drink enough water each day, can help you stay hydrated by adding some taste without too many unnecessary calories.

One recent study also found that the antioxidants and plant compounds found in coconuts and coconut water may help fight against acne. 

Experts believe that coconuts’ positive effects on your skin have a lot to do with the fact that antioxidants help flush out harmful chemicals from your body, preventing them from damaging your skin. 

What’s more, staying hydrated keeps your skin hydrated, so drinking coconut water helps in more than one way.

Even though too much potassium in your body is bad for people with kidney issues, research shows that drinking coconut water can help prevent kidney stones. 

This is especially true for people particularly susceptible to kidney stones, as it prevents the formation of calcium crystals. 

What’s more, the fact that coconut water is primarily made of water improves your hydration and increases your urination frequency, keeping the likelihood of stones low.

Will drinking coconut water every day lead to weight gain?

Coconut water doesn’t have too many calories and is low in sugar and fat. Because of that, it’s very unlikely to lead to weight gain as long as you drink it in moderation and as a part of a healthy, balanced diet. 

It also improves several health conditions and aid in proper hydration. With that being said, though, make sure to drink fresh coconut water or choose the brands that offer coconut water without added sugars and are low in calories. 

Also, be sure not to overdrink it as calories add up quickly and can then lead to weight gain.

What coconut water brands are the least caloric?

Generally, most coconut water brands contain around the same number of calories and nutrients. But some have added sugar that can make them more likely to cause weight gain than others. 

Here are the five best coconut brands that are nutritious and low in calories.

1. Harvest Bay Coconut Water

Harvest Bay Coconut Water

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One carton (250 ml) of this coconut water provides you with 40 calories. It contains only 4 g of sugar, which means that it’s even less likely to lead to weight gain or spikes in your blood sugar levels than some other brands. 

In addition, it contains a lot of potassium and calcium, but, at the same time, it’s slightly higher in sodium than other brands.

2. ZICO Natural Coconut Water Drink

Zico 100% Coconut Water Drink - 12 Pack, Natural Flavored - No Sugar Added, Gluten-Free - 500ml / 16.9 Fl Oz - Supports Hydration with Five Naturally Occurring Electrolytes - Not from Concentrate

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A one-cup serving of this coconut water has 45 calories. It’s also rich in potassium and calcium, helping you stay hydrated without adding too much sugar to your diet. 

It also comes in a relatively big bottle, so it can last you for longer as long as you store it in the fridge after opening.

3. Purity Organic Coconut Water

Purity Organic Coconut Water

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One cup, or 250 ml, of this coconut water contains 45 calories. On top of that, it’s a great source of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and even some iron. 

It comes in cartons, which is better for our environment and doesn’t alter the taste of coconut water.

4. Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water

Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water, Coco Real Premium Coconut Water, 16.2 Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)

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One serving of this water, which is around 1 ¼ cup (280 ml), provides only 45 calories. It’s also very low in sodium and contains no added sugars, making it one of the healthiest coconut water brands. 

This brand also offers coconut water with pulp if you prefer to have a bit of texture in your drink.

5. Vita Coco Organic Coconut Water

Vita Coco Coconut Water, Pure Organic | Refreshing Coconut Taste | Natural Electrolytes | Vital Nutrients | 16.9 Oz (Pack Of 12)

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This brand is slightly more caloric than others, providing you with 60 calories in a one-cup (240 ml) serving. 

On the bright side, it’s much more nutritious, as it contains a lot of calcium, vitamin C, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium. It’s also much lower in sodium, so it might make for a better alternative to other sodium-rich coconut waters.


Coconut water is a wonderful way to stay hydrated while keeping any extra pounds off. It contains essential minerals and vitamins, but it’s very unlikely to cause weight gain. 

So, if you struggle with drinking enough water each day, switching it up between coconut water might just be the right thing for you.