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Are Bananas Good For Heartburn? (Surefire?)

Bananas are a very popular and delicious fruit that almost everyone has tried at least once in their lifetime. 

They’re also healthy and loaded with various powerful plant compounds, minerals, and vitamins that contribute to good health. 

But, if you suffer from acid reflux or follow a low-acid diet, you might wonder if eating bananas won’t give you heartburn. 

So, are bananas acidic? Are they good or bad for heartburn?

Are bananas good for heartburn?

Bananas have alkaline-forming properties, which means that eating them should help you avoid acid reflux symptoms like heartburn. They also help coat your esophagus and stomach lining, preventing inflammation and irritation. 

Additionally, bananas are rich in stomach-healthy nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, further improving the health of your digestive system.

Are bananas acidic?

Bananas have a pH level ranging between 4.50-5.29. Red bananas tend to lean towards the lower pH level, while yellow bananas are milder and less acidic. 

All types of bananas have alkaline-forming properties, though, so you can safely eat them on a low-acid diet. 

In fact, making them a regular part of your diet can help prevent heartburn and other acid reflux symptoms in the future. 

This is because of the high potassium content and the fiber they contain, among other nutrients.

Are Bananas Acidic?
Are Bananas Acidic?

Can bananas cause heartburn?

Bananas are considered an alkaline food, mostly due to their high potassium content. As a result, eating bananas can neutralize stomach acid and coat the lining of your stomach, which prevents heartburn and other acid reflux and GERD symptoms. 

This also soothes your irritated esophagus, which often makes heartburn much worse.

One medium banana also provides you with a lot of fiber – 3.1 g, which is 12% of your daily recommended need for this nutrient. 

Fiber helps soak up excess stomach acid, which prevents it from rising up your esophagus. This reduces the risk of heartburn and other issues. 

In addition, fiber feeds the ‘good’ gut bacteria that keep your digestive system healthy, which also prevents indigestion and acid reflux.

Finally, the only way eating bananas can give you heartburn is if you choose green bananas. These aren’t as ripe as yellow bananas and may be more acidic. 

They also require more stomach acid to be digested, which may lead to acid reflux symptoms and even indigestion. 

So, make sure to go for yellow bananas instead to avoid any digestive system issues, such as heartburn.

Yellow Banana On Plate

Some people might experience some unpleasant symptoms after eating too many bananas in one sitting, though. 

This is because bananas have a high glycemic index (GI), which means that the sugars in them are released in your blood very fast after eating. 

The high sugar content in bananas can lead to increased stomach acid production, which can then reflux up your esophagus. 

So, to avoid that, make sure to consume bananas in moderation.

Are bananas good for you?

Most calories in bananas are from carbohydrates, including sugar and fiber. The fiber found in bananas is mostly indigestible, such as resistant starch. 

This type of fiber helps control your blood sugar levels after eating. Resistant starch may also help regulate your appetite and slow down the emptying of your stomach, helping you lose weight in a healthy way. 

As a result, eating bananas can prevent type 2 diabetes and obesity as well.

One medium banana provides you with 22% of your daily recommended need for vitamin B6. 

This micronutrient has various health benefits, including improved mood and reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

Vitamin B6 also aids in the production of hemoglobin, which means that it may be useful in the treatment of anemia. 

In addition, adding foods high in this vitamin to your diet can boost your immune system, which is very beneficial, especially during the colder months.

Since bananas are a great source of potassium, eating this fruit can improve your heart health. 

In fact, a diet high in potassium-rich foods helps lower your blood pressure, which reduces your risk of strokes and heart attacks. 

Banana Smoothie
Banana Smoothie

Along with sodium, potassium helps regulate your electrolyte levels. This is particularly important to prevent dehydration, especially after sweating a lot or working out.

Just like all fresh fruits, bananas are a great source of powerful antioxidants. These compounds prevent oxidative damage and stress to your cells, reducing your risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. 

What’s more, antioxidants may also fight against inflammation in your body, which can lead to many chronic health conditions. 

So, including antioxidant-rich foods, such as bananas, in your diet is important.

Should you eat bananas if you suffer from heartburn?

Most research shows that eating high-fiber foods like bananas helps with acid reflux and heartburn. 

So, adding bananas to your diet, even if you suffer from acid reflux or GERD, can be incredibly beneficial. 

It’s also worth remembering that bananas are rich in many minerals and vitamins that improve your overall health. So, there are no downsides to eating this delicious fruit.

On the other hand, if you notice that you’re experiencing heartburn after eating sugar foods, make sure to eat bananas in moderation. 

They contain quite a lot of this carb in a single serving, which can be bad for your health. 

Sugar is much harder for your stomach to digest than other nutrients, which can force your stomach to produce more gastric acid. 

This can lead to heartburn and other symptoms if you’re particularly sensitive to this type of food.

Are banana chips bad for heartburn?

Banana Chips
Banana Chips

Banana chips are acid-forming, as they contain a lot of sugar, calories, and fat. These nutrients tend to stay in your stomach longer, leading to unpleasant symptoms, such as heartburn. 

Because of that, if you enjoy the taste of bananas, it’s best to stick to raw bananas or smoothies made with other alkaline-forming fruits.


Bananas are a delicious and alkaline-forming fruit that can help prevent acid reflux symptoms, such as heartburn. 

It’s loaded with alkalizing minerals and fiber, both of which improve your heartburn. 

In addition, bananas are very tasty and easy to add to any diet, no matter which dietary plan you follow.

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