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Are Pickles Acidic? (How Healthy Are They Really?)

I don’t know about you, but I love pickles. The vinegary flavor and crunch make for a delicious snack or the perfect side to a sandwich.

These crunchy snacks aren’t on everyone’s list of favorite snacks, but if you’re looking for a low-calorie snack, these are a great option.

When looking for snacks that won’t affect your acid reflux or heartburn, you’ll want to look for low acidity foods or foods that are neutral or alkaline. This begs the question, are pickles acidic?

Are pickles acidic?

Pickles are acidic. Dill pickles have a pH rating of 3.2 to 3.6, making them very acidic. Sour pickles are also acidic, with a pH rating of 3 to 3.4.

Are Pickles Good For You?

Cucumbers have a lot of great health benefits, and just because they’re turned into pickles doesn’t mean these benefits go away.

One thing to remember when eating pickles is that they tend to be high in sodium, so it’s important not to eat too many of them per day.

Even though you may be thinking that a vegetable soaked in a brine couldn’t be healthy, pickles do have several health benefits.

Are pickles acidic?
Are pickles acidic?

Eating pickles that have been fermented has been shown to help inflammation as well as insulin resistance.

Not all pickles are fermented, though. Unfermented pickles still have plenty of health benefits from spices, cucumbers, and vinegar.

Pickles are super low in calories. Most pickles have zero calories, but even those with a calorie content are under ten calories per pickle spear.

Pickles are a popular snack choice for those who are looking to lose weight because they’re so low in calories.

The biggest concern when eating many pickles is their sodium content. An excess of sodium could prevent the weight loss you’re trying to see if you eat too many a day. But, everything is great in moderation. Plus, if you eat low sodium throughout the day, eating a few pickles shouldn’t make a huge difference.

Cucumbers are rich in Vitamin B and K, which are still present when you’re munching on a crunchy pickle.

Unless you’re utterly obsessed with pickles, you probably have never thought about drinking pickle juice or adding it to a recipe.

Drinking pickle juice is trending
Drinking pickle juice is trending

Not only is this vinegary liquid delicious in recipes and a spicy bloody Mary, but there are also plenty of health benefits to drinking pickle juice.

Drinking pickle juice is trending because it can help with weight loss, like eating pickles, soothing muscle cramps, and more.

For those who follow a ketogenic diet, maintaining an electrolyte balance may be difficult because they need more sodium, so they drink pickle juice.

Will Eating Pickles Cause my GERD to Act Up?

When you’re living with GERD or even experience acid reflux every so often, eating anything acidic can cause you issues.

Since pickles and pickle juice are quite acidic, you may need to avoid pickles if you often experience heartburn and acid reflux.

Granted, everybody is different, and you may eat a pickle or two and feel fine. It’s best to consult with your doctor first or only eat one to see how you feel.

After eating one, you can decide if eating pickles is something you can comfortably eat.

What’s the Difference Between Pickling and Fermenting Pickles?

Eating Pickles
Eating Pickles

Pickling is a process of, well, pickling something. You can pickle onions, eggs, cabbage. You name it. So when you’re eating most store-bought pickles, they’re pickled.

But, some pickles are fermented. But what is the difference between fermenting pickles and pickling pickles?

The simplest way to remember the difference between the two is that pickling is when you soak something in an acidic liquid, like vinegar.

When you ferment something, that sour and vinegary flavor is the result of a chemical reaction between the food’s natural bacteria and sugar. You don’t add anything acidic to the food.

Are Cucumbers Acidic?

The vinegar brine that cucumbers are soaked in during the pickling process contributes a lot to how acidic pickles are. But are cucumbers acidic before transforming into pickles? Cucumbers are acidic, even before becoming pickles. But it’s essential to keep in mind that they’re not nearly as acidic as pickles. The pH of cucumber is anywhere from 5.1 to 5.7.

What Country Loves Pickles the Most?

I think it’s safe to say that the United States loves pickles. You’ll find them on hamburgers, sides to sandwiches, on sandwiches, and more.

Several states produce pickles. The top pickle-producing states in the United States are Michigan, Florida, and Wisconsin.

The US is one of the leading exporters of pickles globally, but surprisingly, they don’t come in first.

The US may love pickles, but they come in fourth when it comes to world pickle exportation. The country leading the pack when it comes to pickle exportation is Germany.

Following closely behind Germany are India and the Netherlands.

Ways to Use Left Over Pickle Juice

If sipping on pickle juice does not sound appealing, but you don’t want to toss the leftover juice in the jar, here are a few ways you can use up that pickle juice.

You can use the brine to pickle something else. Pickled onions are a fantastic topping to tacos, burritos, and other dishes, and they’re delicious.

You can chop up onions and toss them into that pickle juice and let the magic happen.

Next time you’re in charge or bringing potato salad to the barbeque, you have to try adding pickle juice to your recipe.

While you’re boiling the potatoes, you can add a hefty serving of pickle juice to your boiling water so that the potatoes themselves have a vinegary taste.

Once you’ve created your potato salad, you can even add a few chopped-up pickles to really bring out the flavor.

Bloody Mary’s are either loved or hated, kind of like pickles. My absolute favorite way to use up the rest of the pickle juice is to add a dash, or more, to your Sunday bloody Mary.

Don’t know what to drink? We made a list of more than 20 most and least acidic juices and 20+ alcoholic drinks ranked by acidity levels.

Are Pickles Acidic?
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