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Are Cucumbers Acidic? (Why do Cucumbers Give me Heartburn?)

Cucumbers are one of the most common vegetables in most of our diets. They’re low in calories, carbohydrates and full of nutrients and essential minerals.

You can add them to a salad, snack on them raw, or slice them and put them on a sandwich — the possibilities are endless.

However, depending on your dietary requirements, you might not be able to eat as many cucumbers as you’d like. So, that begs the question:

Are cucumbers acidic?

Cucumbers are alkaline containing virtually no fat. So, eating cucumbers is very unlikely to cause you any serious stomach issues or aggravate your condition.

However, it’s important not to serve them in salads with tomatoes, onions, or hot peppers as these veggies will worsen your acid reflux, heartburn, and other GERD symptoms.

What is the pH level of cucumbers?

The pH level of cucumbers ranges from 5.1-5.7. Generally, most foods with a pH of 4.6 and below are considered acidic and can worsen your stomach issues and all symptoms accompanying GERD.

Are cucumbers acidic?
Are cucumbers acidic?

This makes cucumbers fall in the alkaline category, safe for people with heartburn and acidic reflux.

As long as they’re not served with any vinegary sauces, marinades, or other acidic vegetables, cucumbers are safe to consume and remain alkaline.

What are the health benefits of cucumbers?

Cucumbers are high in nutrients yet low in calories. They’re primarily made up of water, accounting for around 96% of its content.

As a result, they are perfect for hydration, especially during summer. Due to cucumber’s high water content, eating them can help you stay hydrated throughout the day.

Another wonderful benefit that cucumbers’ water content brings is helping you lose weight. Staying properly hydrated eliminates your need to snack and helps your body metabolize food in time.

Cucumbers contain 2 grams of fiber in a standard serving, which is high for a vegetable. Fiber is very good in preventing stomach issues and absorbing stomach acid, making cucumbers a good staple in an ideal diet for people with GERD.

Most of its fiber content is located in the skin, so you should consume them unpeeled to maximize their health benefits.

What is the pH level of cucumbers?
What is the pH level of cucumbers?

If you do that, though, it’s important to thoroughly wash the veggie to avoid consuming any pesticides that are often sprayed on produce.

In addition, cucumbers are rich in antioxidants, which are molecules that help remove free radicals from our bodies as well as prevent them from accumulating.

A high level of these free radicals is often linked to certain cancers as well as heart, lung, and autoimmune diseases.

This makes cucumbers a great veggie to include in your diet, ultimately reducing the risk of serious chronic illnesses.

This delicious vegetable is also rich in vitamin K, providing you with 62% of your daily need for this vitamin. 

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays an important role in blood clotting, bone metabolism, and regulating blood calcium levels.

Since eating a serving of cucumbers nearly fills your daily need for this vitamin, cucumbers are an essential food to consume.

Are pickles acidic?

Are pickles acidic?
Are pickles acidic?

When it comes to pickles and acid reflux, it depends on the method the pickled cucumbers have been made with.

Store-bought pickles are usually loaded with vinegar and additives that can worsen the symptoms of acid reflux and GERD and give you bad heartburn.

As a result, it’s best to stay clear from them if you’re sensitive to acidic and pickled foods.

Pickled cucumbers that are naturally fermented, however, are very healthy for your stomach flora. Some people even swear by drinking pickle juice as a remedy for acid reflux.

Here, it’s important to remember that cucumbers need to be naturally fermented with water, herbs, and natural spices.

These cucumbers, along with the brine they’re fermented in, are rich in gut-helping bacteria, ultimately protecting your stomach from acid buildup.

Naturally, pickles have a low acidity level, contributing to a healthy gut. In addition, these cucumbers and the juice that comes from their fermentation are rich in natural probiotics, easing GERD symptoms, including acid reflux, heartburn, and many more.

Drinking pickle juice is trending
Drinking pickle juice is trending

Most naturally fermented foods help with acid reflux, so it’s a good idea to try them out and see if they work for you.

As with everything, though, make sure that they don’t make you feel worse, and if they do, switch to other foods, perhaps non-fermented ones.

Are cucumbers bad for acid reflux and GERD?

Being alkaline foods, cucumbers neutralize stomach acid, helping in keeping your acid reflux in check. In fact, many doctors recommend cucumbers to control your stomach’s acid production

In addition, this hydrating vegetable contains loads of fiber and antioxidants, making it a good food to use to keep your acid levels low.

On top of that, cucumbers don’t aggravate any stomach issues, and they also don’t cause indigestion, which is often some of the concerns that people with GERD might have.

Cucumbers also help fight inflammation which is often one of the causes of acid reflux and heartburn.

Therefore, eating (or even drinking cucumber-infused water) can help you overcome the burning sensation in your stomach and throat. It’s a small addition to your daily routine, but it truly helps in controlling the symptoms of GERD.

Are cucumbers bad for acid reflux and GERD?
Are cucumbers bad for acid reflux and GERD?

Furthermore, staying hydrated is essential when dealing with acid reflux and GERD. Drinking a jug of cucumber-infused water daily is not only hydrating but also delicious.

This ensures that you consume enough water while adding some flavor and nutrients. It’s a great idea to include it in your diet — it’s incredibly refreshing.

Cucumber-infused water is also a good, alkaline alternative to lemon water, which makes acid reflux worse and causes bad heartburn.

The bottom line is that cucumbers are alkaline veggies that bring lots of benefits to your diet. They help you maintain proper weight, hydrate you, and keep your acid levels in check.

What’s more, this veggie is extremely easy to include in your diet due to its versatility. Bonus point: It’s also incredibly delicious as a snack.

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Are Cucumbers Acidic? Pin it!
Are Cucumbers Acidic? Pin it!